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10 tips on introducing your baby to your pets.


In a couple of months my husband and I will be new parents! This will bring lots of joy, as well as a few new challenges. One of those challenges will be introducing him to our three cats. Since this is an area of the unknown to me still, I thought it would be great to compile some helpful tips for myself and any other pet parents out there. Enjoy!

1. Greet your pet first.

When you arrive home from the hospital greet your pets first. My plan is to approach them with a blanket that has his smell on it first and see how that goes. Then we will present the baby. It might be several hours before they are able to be in the same room.

2. Start off small.

When actually introducing your dog, make sure they are on a leash and not with in biting distance. With cats, you shouldn’t rush the process. I understand this one too well because they are so much more territorial. I remember whenever I brought a new kitten home and had to introduce them to the other cats. It would take the other cats time before they felt ok with them being there. So hold the cat and let them close, but not too close to the baby. Talking soothingly to them at the same time.

3. Stay calm

If your uneasy during the transition, they will definitely pick up on it. Try not to raise your voice if they get to close. This will only relay a negative association with the baby.

4. Give plenty of praise

If your dog or cat is behaving nicely around the new baby, be sure to point that good behavior out. Praise them with word and treats.

5. Don’t exclude your pet.

It can be hard to forget about your pet when your world gets a little flipped around, but try not to. Try to include them as you would regularly and follow their usual routine.

6. Train your pet.

Have them sit on the floor next to you instead of your lap.

7. Get them familiar.

Accustom your pet to baby-related noises months before the baby is expected. For example, play recordings of a baby crying, turn on the mechanical infant swing, and use the rocking chair. Make these positive experiences for your pet by offering a treat or playtime.

8. Plan ahead.

Try to have a pet sitter handy to help take care of them, so they aren’t couped up and feel neglected while your at the hospital.

9. Use the baby products(shampoo, lotion, baby oil) that your baby will use so your pet will get use to the smell.

10. Prep the nursery.

Get a gate for the nursery if you plan to keep it off limits. This way they can still see you and not feel so isolated.

5 Things I love Thursday




I follow this lovely blog that is mostly about all things crochet, Little Things Blogged. She has this lovely post on Saturdays that shares five things that she loves and that gave me the idea to do something like that of my very own.

1. Lets get organized!

2. What a better way to start out Fall!

3. Baby Fever!

4. It’s never to early to spoil your pets!

5. I would like to try to make!

Grapefruit Popsicle’s






First off I just want to start off by saying what a wonderful start to the week it has been so far. I have been super busy, but have felt super accomplished! I have done or started two major projects right now. One was for a charity in Iowa! If your in the Iowa area and are an animal lover check out some great events that will be taking place soon to help benefit animals! Some of LSM Creation’s toys will be helping to benefit the cause! http://www.arl-iowa.org/ Another one is for a farmer’s market in Georgia! I will be giving some of my crochet items for samples in Go Forth Creates’s goody bags. First farmer’s market at Downtown Dalton, May 3.



Cat Grass


Just one more final thing before I move on. I’ve also gone garden crazy! It must be this spring time fresh air! I am actually shocked at how good I’m getting. At the moment I have cat grass, lettuce, and some kind of flower ( can’t believe I forgot already) growing. I’m hoping that my seeds I just planted work out(milkweed, cotton, catnip, baby’s breath and fever few). Ok moving on, my mom recently gave me a bunch of grapefruits that a coworker had given her. It was a nice thought except after a while it starts to getting boring all by itself. So I thought maybe I could mix it up a little bit. I tried making my own essential oil. That was an epic fail! I burned the grapefruit zest and it just wasn’t worth trying anymore at that moment. I’m sure there are many great ways to use grapefruit like, but I finally decided to make them into Popsicle’s . They came out pretty good and were super easy!



You will need:

  • 2 cups of fresh grapefruit juice
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 tsp. of grapefruit zest
  • 2 tbsp. lemon juice ( I used Meyer lemon)


Now before you start get all your ingredients together. I used about 5 grapefruits to make my 2 cups of juice. I don’t have a fancy juicer, so of course I had to so it by hand. I just used my tongs to help me squeeze all the juice out.


Add sugar water and zest to medium sized sauce pan. Bring to a boil over medium high heat, stirring  until all the sugar is dissolved. Then remove the pan from the stove and let cool for a couple minutes.

Stir grapefruit and lemon juice into pan. Strain through a fine mesh sieve and let cool some more.


Now divide the mixture into whatever Popsicle mold of your liking. Place in freezer for 4 or more hours.


Such a great treat for spring or summer! Have a great week everyone!

Happy Anniversary LSM Creation!

It’s hard to believe that its been a year since I made the leap to set up my Etsy shop. Looking back I wouldn’t change a thing about it. I’m really looking forward to what else this experience brings me down the road! Here’s somethings that happened this past year.


Sunday Brunch Cookies were the first item sold.


Most popular item in the shop! 

Added the little guys (hamsters, guinea pigs, and rabbits) to the shop!

LSM Creation got to show their stuff at Whole Food during the holidays.

Don’t have much info to share about this , but just got asked to donate for Animal Rescue League of Iowa. Some of my toys are going to help raise money for a great cause. If you live in Iowa and know of this Animal Rescue you should definitely check them out!

I have tons of great plans for the shop rolling around in this brain of mine so always check back at my shop for great items and greats deals! I like to do discounts every once in a while. Right now I actually have a 40% off discount going on to celebrate the shops 1 year anniversary! Just type ANNIVERSARY at check out!


10 Unique Pet Beds

Yesterday I went on a little hunt for something to help me make a unique bed for my three cats. As usual when I step into my favorite antique shop I forget all about what I came there for and get lost back in time. It turned out to be just another browsing day, but here are 10 awesome beds that your pet should be sleeping in tonight!


Old Furniture Dog Bed


Shark Puppy Bed


Bunk Beds


Wine Barrel Bed


Turkey Guinea Pig Bed


End Table Bed


Basket Bed


Kitty Tipi


Re-purposed Bed


Computer Bed